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Virtual CIO Services

Fast track your technology-led business transformation without breaking budgets or timelines.

Digital transformation is critical for all businesses today. Your business problem may be small or large, you need the digital expertise, multi industry experience and the business focused pragmatism to implement the right solution for you.  


That's what a AideExpert Advisory Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) brings in. We bring in decades of industry and domain expertise to suggest the right tools and technologies, people re-skilling needs and new processes to guide your company onto the digital transformation journey

Brand Strategy

Leverage an internal IT strategy to compete with dinosaurs in a constantly evolving


Channelize insights from an objective review of operating procedures across various
departments of your company

Laser Cutting Steel

Engage a professional CIO to speak business metrics and processes while managing a
lean IT team


Don't let your IT compete with the dinosaurs, modernize your technology footprint


Migrate from big Iron ERP and on premise DC to agile, scalable cloud based hybrid ERP- with the right advice.


Engage a professional CIO to speak business metrics while still delivering technology projects with a lean IT team


Supercharge your business with data-driven architecture and monitise insights with the custom AI strategy 


Provide your internal IT team with a mentor to lean on. Achieve the right balance and drive dual paced IT.


Secure your company from digital threats. Get business focused risk assessment & remediation plan

Hire a Trusted Advisor with World Class Talent and Decades of Multi Industry Business Acumen

Our Virtual CIOs have managed global teams for MNC companies. They have successfully created and executed IT strategy and roadmaps. They have run startups, business units or companies independently. Bring all this experience to bear for your enterprise without having to break the bank.

What we offer


Technology Expertise

Hybrid ERP, Multi-cloud infra, IoT, AI, Robotics, RPA, Blockchain, Industry 4.0 - expertise across technologies


Dual-IT Team

Re-design for dual paced IT - run experimental product based org and stable ITIL based operations. 


Cost-Saving Operations

Engage with flexibility. Increase or decrease Virtual CIO engagement level to match ​your company needs.


Effective Change Management

Guarantee successful adoption through people centric change management. Improve Employee Experience with all your IT systems. 

Business Model.png


We bring a vast network of trusted vendors and partners to find the right solution for you. Don't experiment, reduce risk of project failures. 

Screenshot 2022-10-03 150031.png


We support your teams by leading them through difficult choices. Motivate the IT team and improve stakeholder relationships. 


What sets us apart?

  • Access world class talent- our consultants are ex CIO/CTOs with min 20+ Years experience.

  • With the right consultant you just know where to hit- for maximum impact. Just a few hours a week ensures your digital journey stays the course.

  • We have successfully led and delivered on various projects as virtual CIOs/ CTOs for the past 6+ years. We bring the agility of the Startup World to the large enterprise. 

  • Our Virtual CIOs add value to business problems small or large. We are the best - at asking dumb questions. We ensure you always have the ROI and justification for best decisions.  

  • With flexible engagement models, the timespan and extent of our involvement lies at

       your discretion

Case Study

Virtual CIO Services for the
Largest Warehouse Automation Company in India

Business Requirements:

  • Competing effectively with global competitors who already have large product portfolio of automation products.

  • Increasing collaboration among various teams within the company across sites.

  • A roadmap for IT infrastructure and applications to enable business growth.



  • Current IT team did not have the technical skillsets to create a roadmap.

  • Current IT systems were on premise and would not scale with business growth. Uptime challenges.

  • Sales, R&D, Support and Projects teams business processes  were not automated limited visibility and undue escalations. 

  • Lack of collaboration between various teams with IT department.


What we did

  • AideExpert team studies the current People and Technology landscape to identify major issues and prioritize actionables.

  • Salesforce implementation kicked off for Sales and Support teams.

  • The infrastructure was migrated to Google Cloud with backup and business continuity plans in place.

  • Email system was moved from legacy email system to Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Teams to increase collaboration across sites and project teams.

  • Internal IT team was revamped and career path created for various teams and key individuals.


  • In our 15 months engagement, a roadmap for IT to enable business growth was put in place.

  • A modern technology framework was pu tin place, cloud, mobility, IoT technologies were incorporated in the roadmap to ensure technology debt was addressed.

  • Business collaboration increased significantly across sites and it was possible to execute projects during lockdown instead of business being shut down completely.

  • Based on the modern IT roadmap, IT team career path, increased business collaboration – it was possible for the client to convince and receive a major investment from one of the global Top 5 warehouse automation company. 



Contact us to know how we can help you too.

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