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Save up to 70% in getting your MVP to market! Approach investors confidently

Brand Strategy

Business Strategy that is right for You


Digital tech like AI, Blockchain, IoT etc. that will transform your business, even in the most traditional industries

Laser Cutting Steel

Cutting edge research powers the best strategy advise for You


Beat the Goliath competition with a disruptive business model and scale fast

Business Meeting

Minimise risk with customer validations at each step


Realise your vision in clearly defined milestones. Bring Your dream into reality, one step at a time! 

Running a start-up is first and foremost a journey from extreme uncertainty
towards certainty; when customers are happy to pay for the features of your product
and services offered. We help you map out this path iteratively so that you can bring
your dream to reality with confidence and minimal risk.




Our customizable 10 session program delivers very specific results in time bound fashion. 

What we offer

CAPABILITY, Focus assessment.png

Capability Focus Assesment

Asses the skills, capabilities, resources, the vision of current team


Competitive Analysis

Examine the competitors and develop a unique competitive offering.

Customer Need Analysis.png

Customer Need Analysis

 Identify Micro Segment and recognize a few profitable segments

Market Analysis Market Entry.png

Market Analysis

Use global Market research databases for a market, customer insights & trends

Service Features.png

Service Feature & Prioritization

Create new value proposition and services for a new segments

Business Model.png

Business Model

Creation of pricing Plan Partnerships business, development Plan 

Communication plan.png

Communication Plan

Drafting Plan for sales channels ,content guidelines ,digital marketing channels

Lean Business.png

Lean Business Plan

Project Plan for executing marketing and technology strategy 

Startup Supercharger Programme

  • Brainstorming & workshop session with entrepreneurs  stakeholders & Aideexpert consultants

  • Total of 10 sessions in 6 weeks. two sessions per week

  • customizable as per clients requirement.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Aideexpert Advisory develops word class competitive and executable business strategy using lean startup methods and design thinking.

  • our approach is client-centric geared towards delivering a customized business solution that provides lasting value to tech startups or even decades -old traditional businesses 

  • We offer unique consumer insights and segmentation using market research databases. (Marketline, EBSCO, JSTOR  etc.) and experts with 15+ years of experience.

  • Our technology advisors have deep experience in AI, Block-chain, machine learning Analytics, IOT and other digital technologies to provide you word class advice. 

Case Study



Jumbish is a disruptive art market place, which gives highest returns on art investment by using IoT & Blockchain technology. Jumbish has been in art market past 2 years they have database of 800+ registered artists & strong brand recognition in art market.



  • Creating a new business model & using new technology to help in art sales with completely new ways.

  • Showing roadmap on how to approach start up investors


What we did

  • 10 brainstorming sessions to discover new insights into needs of Artists, Curators & Art Buyers with a revolutionary business model.

  • Commission model & Building Partnership’s with art curators & galleries.

  • Creating an art marketplace in shortest period of time.

  • Introduction of a new product using IoT and blockchain technologies.

  • Market sizing and new market creation based on customized market research.


  • Truly disruptive business plan & innovative services

  • High quality research & exceptional ideas

  • Trusted advisor to walk the walk with you

  • Confidence to approach investors

  • Know exactly what you want to do for the next 18 month.


Contact us to know how we can help you.

Startup Supercharger: Service


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