How will the Startup Supercharger help me grow my business?

The Startup Supercharger program will help you to determine the correct Business Strategy for your business, identify and refine customer growth segments, develop the core value propositions together with the market size, competitive analysis to enable competing with established or larger players. A detailed business strategy including pricing plans, partnerships, sales plans, costs, revenue forecast will be developed for your business.

You don’t waste any time or money in thinking through next steps but focus on execution of a well-researched and robust plan prepared by a highly experienced team.

No-one knows my business better than myself - why do I need a third person to audit my business?

AideExpert advisors bring together decades of industry experience that will provide you with a knowledgeable third person perspective on your business, identify the gaps and which strengths should be leveraged to transform your business into a scalable business model. The disruptive business model is built in brainstorming sessions with your motivations, inputs and preferences taken into consideration. It will help your business to grow much faster and to a significantly larger scale.

How will I know whether my product / service has potential, what competition exists, which space can I compete?

AideExpert Advisors has access to Global market research databases with millions of research articles, company and industry deep dive reports, used by even the Tier 1 business advisory firms. AideExpert Advisors consultants conduct in-depth secondary market research necessary for market size and addressable market identification and competitive analysis. Cutting edge research powers the best strategy advise.

How will I know if my product / services are meeting customer needs, what pains needs solving and what gains can be achieved?

Identifying accurate customer micro segments whose needs can be met and recognizing the profitable segments from those, is achieved through a detailed Segmentation exercise. Needs analysis is done for each potential segment through a deep dive to identify the pains and gains. This is Lean Strategy for SMB at its best! Validation excercises are planned to ensure you develop the first version of your product/service that customer want, in least amount of time and money.We Provide Product Management service.

How can I adopt technology to grow my business?

Latest developments in digital tech like AI, Blockchain, IoT etc. are helping even the most traditional industries transform their business model. Digital technologies are creating unprecedented opportunities to redefine and reinvent your product, service or business. AA helps you make the digital transformation that are required to bring about dramatic improvements in your business performance. AA advisors have decades of technology management and implementation experience that help you make sense of it all quickly.

Isn’t it a big risk to change business strategy without validation?

That is correct! AA will help you minimize the risk through ensuring customer validation at each step to ensure the product mix and any services strategy is derived directly from accurate understanding of customer needs. This is an inherent part of the Lean Strategy Framework.

Will I be able to execute the developed business strategy on my own? I want to focus on my business operations.

To ensure business strategy developed as part of Startup Supercharger Programme is implemented rigorously and clients have access to AA consultants on an ongoing basis, an annual retainer agreement can be signed with the clients. We Walk the walk with you.

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