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Product management

Product Strategy Service

Going from great idea to a successful product or service is an art, and a science.  Managing innovation in your firm and effectively iterating to build product features, which customers need is critical to your company’s success. Taking your MVP fastest to market with latest disruptive technologies and great business models is key to winning products.

AideExpert Advisors have used world leading methodologies and tools to build dozens of products across multiple domains.  Our cutting edge market research drives deep customer insights to build products that sell and services that delight customers.

Our Services for Your Product Strategy

  • Digitalised New Product or Service Development

           -Innovation Process Management   

           -Customer Validation

           -Business Modelling

           -Technology Discovery and Solutions

           -Product Pivoting

           -Full Scale Commercialization

  •  Product/Service Portfolio Management

  •  Marketing Strategy & Customer Segmentation

  •  Product Management as a Service

  •  Consumer Insights driven Customer Acquisition

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