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Process Consulting

Process Consulting & Audits

For competing effectively, digitalising business functions is becoming critical. From sales, to customer support to supply chain, each team can be optimised and applications modernised to ensure best performance within any budget. Metrics driven through mobile app transactions ensure teams use the technology appropriately and managers have the right data and insights to manage effectively.  Integrate SaaS applications into your ERP while keeping costs low and maximise flexibility.

AideExpert Advisors bring decades of experience in choosing the right technology and right process for your specific team and company. Beat the Goliath competitor by using the best in class mobile applications within your budget. We own business results and ensure the best technology partners implement the solutions we recommend. Startup Mentor

Our Expertise in Process Consulting Services.

  • Sales Process Effectiveness

  • Supply Chain Optimization

  • Customer Service Transformation

  • Marketing Digitalisation

  • Oracle/SAP health checks

  • ISO20000 Maturity Assessments

  • IT security Audits & Policy Formations.

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