Connected Eyes for Bad Roads

It was 2:45 p.m. and we were about 80 km away from the resort. We estimated that we would safely reach by 5:00 p.m., just in time for the tea. But the road was rough and we could barely cover about 25 km in more than an hour. I checked the online map again. There was another route, which was about 115 km long. We thought about it but then decided to stick with the current route as the map app said that we were on the shortest route. It was only about 55 km to the destination now. So we egged on for a few more kilometers... but by then the road had transformed into an array of potholes of all sizes, some of them being almost a foot deep! It was already getting dark and so we had no choice but to carry on...

It took great skill and resolve to circumvent the potholes, and still we couldn't save the car from getting some serious beating on its underside. Finally, we were able to reach the destination by eight, completely exhausted and rattled by the roller coaster drive.

The next morning, we came to know that though it was a shorter route, the road condition had become poor due to heavy rains in the last couple of months. Also, the fact that loaded trucks plied on that road continuously from the stone quarry, had worsened the condition. Everyone now preferred the longer route as the road was much better and faster than the route we had taken. How I wished, I had known this earlier!

Well, it will soon be a reality with the Connected Car platform. It is a platform that would make exploring little-known places much easier. A digital Connected Car platform that could potentially save a lot of time and money for travellers is being developed. Powered by some expert guidance from AideExpert Advisory, this is truly a disruptive and inclusive business model. The innovative solution offers a bunch of free and paid services that make the driving experience more predictable and pleasurable.

The platform provides in-car informatics that utilizes open data standards where data is sourced using blockchain methodology and exchanged between connected cars. This provides the capability of exchanging real-time data like emergency conditions, weather conditions and road conditions in a secure manner. It also allows requesting for specific data that can be bought or sold using smart eContracts. For instance, if you need information about whether a particular road is unblocked now after the landslide, you can make a paid request for the same. The vehicles in the vicinity receive the request from the platform and provide the required data using various inbuilt data acquisition systems. Moreover, the data providers also get paid for the data supplied.

The platform utilizes engine performance data, proximity sensors, speed and road conditions, gyroscope, cameras, dashcam, alarms and custom sensors for wind speed, ambient temperature, humidity and so on to record real-time data. The connected platform ensures continuous connectivity via multiple channels like 4G, Wifi, Satellite and so on. The platform also provides for additional add-on services like street view updates, Digital Assistant services, Vehicle Experience Personalization, Geo and Tourist information, hyper-local services to name a few.

AideExpert Advisory has helped define the platform which utilizes blockchain methodology to create a perfect blend of free services like providing weather and emergency data and paid services like Road Condition Information and Hyperlocal Services! This is exactly what most of us have been looking forward to!

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