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Taking on the Goliaths of Fitness

There were six gyms on the street and the competition was fierce. It was good for the consumers though as the gyms were in a race to give them the best offers.

Rajiv was just hired to take charge of the newly opened Gym. His primary task was to establish a customer base and start making profits. And then look at expanding the network and opening new branches across the Country. With the competition, the Gym had no other option but to provide attractive joining offers foregoing profits to acquire new clients. They were hoping to turn profitable when the memberships were renewed at regular rates. But he wasn't sure... customers could simply join another gym that was offering a better joining offer at the time of renewal! And, not the least of his challenge was the fact that three of the gyms on the streets were global brands!

However, he was hopeful and had a plan of action. He was discussing the task on hand with his cousin last evening when she had suggested him to look into some expert start-up advisory services. She further told him how the establishment she was working with, Doctor Ratna’s The Edit Clinic had benefitted from the association with AideExpert Advisory.

Doctor Ratna’s The Edit Clinic is a leading obesity, hair & skin clinic in a prime locality in Pune. There are also many other established players in the same market segment like VLCC, Kaya Skin Clinic which provide similar services.

The Edit Clinic was looking at delivering the best of class services leveraging the latest technology to effectively compete with these Tier 1 competitors. The goal was to establish themselves in the same league with competitive services and then expand geographically to newer locations. They decided to seek professional help from AideExpert Advisory Services.

Identifying the Right Market

The engagement started with multiple intense brainstorming sessions with the advisors from AideExpert, who helped them source the latest market research data. Using the latest management methods and the sourced data, they were able to determine and develop a strategic plan. A thorough analysis was performed on the services The Edit Clinic was best equipped to offer, its business capabilities and the type of customers. This helped in developing a new efficient business model with focused customer segments.

Then they deep dived into the patient needs to identify services that were most valued and paid for and created a pricing plan for each of the services. Using the latest digital technology, an AI-enabled Lifestyle Improvement mobile application with remote consultation was identified as a new service to offer.

AideExpert Advisory also determined and suggested the right set of technologies to use for operational systems like Clinic Management and Lead management systems. Most effective online and offline marketing channels were established. Strategic partnerships that would help them grow faster into new markets were identified. A roadmap was developed with expansion plans across Pune and three other cities. Four strategic milestones were identified to track their progress over the next 24 months covering marketing, technology, and financial strategies.

Equipped with the continuous guidance and support of the AideExpert Advisory, Doctor Ratna’s The Edit Clinic is on its way to take its operations and business to the next level.

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