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The Art of Disruption to Construct a New Market

Arun and Rajesh were in deep discussion as Riya entered the conference room. All of them were freelance writers and had worked on a variety of projects but it wasn't always easy to get new projects. They had come together a couple of years ago to create a venture. It was a platform which would help them bid for projects that were much larger than the ones they could handle individually. The venture had turned out to be fairly successful and they established themselves in the market for their quality. However, as other platforms emerged offering similar services, the competition grew and the margins shrunk.

They had to desperately look at other ways to sustain and grow the business. There were some ideas but they needed validation. And they would also need funds to implement the same. "We need a fresh perspective, and look beyond the obvious", intervened Riya "For example, take a look at the Jumbish story, how they turned a new leaf with a transformed business model with a little expert help".

The Jumbish Story

Jumbish started as a novel venture that connected artists and art lovers on a single pathbreaking platform. And just within a short time Jumbish had connected to as many as 800 artists and created a niche in the art market. The brand was recognized well within the art circles and worked really well. Things were running well, but there were new players in the market and now it was time to take it to the next level. Also, the need of the hour was to move away from traditional markets to digitally enabled markets to expand their reach.

They decided to seek expert help to identify a highly effective business model that would also leverage emerging technologies and expand their market presence. At the same time they also wanted to protect the interests of the artists. Jumbish was looking at establishing a comprehensive roadmap that would also attract leading startup investors. They signed up with AideExpert Advisory to kickstart the transformation.

Over the next few days, they had multiple intense brainstorming sessions with Advisors from AideExpert. These led them to discover new insights into the needs of the Artists, Curators and Art Buyers and draw a revolutionary business model. They were able to identify newer market segments and their sizes through a detailed research and charted their roadmap based on the same.

Disruption is Constructive

A revolutionary commission-based model was introduced for the art curators and art galleries which also ensured artists’ interests. This helped in establishing a new art marketplace in a very short time. Latest IoT and blockchain technologies were employed to introduce the product in the market. With a truly disruptive business plan and innovative services to offer, Jumbish is now ready to move to the next level.

As an added comfort, Jumbish would always have access to the advisors who would not only guide them on the way but also walk the walk with them. They have chalked out a roadmap for the next 18 months which is well researched and is ready to roll. Jumbish can now approach the investors as needed with confidence and a great business proposal.

Jumbish is expecting to grow 10x in the next couple of years and write an amazing success story, and they have all the right support they need in the form of AideExpert Advisory.

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