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Nucleus Vision has built the world's first IOT based contactless identification system (over blockchain), while building the largest universal loyalty program using crypto-currency. Nucleus Vision’ IoT solution enables retail brands around the world to build and execute a customer-focused shopping experience that leverages data from both in-person and online channels. Our platform uses blockchain, sensors, data and intelligent analytics to create automated solutions that generate customer loyalty. For retailers, Nucleus Vision's IoT solution provides insights into customer behavior that were not previously possible, such as the ability to track customer visits, to aisles browsed and paths taken in-store, favorite products and brands, and predict future customer behavior in-store. This helps create a personalized customer experience that provides for greater customer satisfaction. Through our blockchain-enabled technology, Nucleus Vision aspires to seamlessly connect the on and offline world. In the process, we aim to enhance the retail shopping experience for the 2.6 trillion walk-in customers that visit 91 million physical stores globally, all in real time. 


Nucleus Vision, customers get personalized pricing, accurate recommendations and real-time offers in physical brick-n-mortar stores for the very first time. Customers also earn nCash tokens each time they visit or shop at a Nucleus Vision powered store, and are empowered to monetize their shopping data as well. 


Using Nucleus Vision's smart-sensor technology, retailers can now identify and interact directly with customers as they enter the store. International retail brands, such as Gini & Jony in India, are already using Nucleus Vision to deliver personalized offers to customers on their mobile phones. The ION Network’s sensors are developed according to telco standards, to ensure the Nucleus Vision platform remains plug-and-play and follows data and privacy requirements of the global telecom industry. Over the past two years, Nucleus Vision has worked with both national and international regulatory authorities to implement applicable regulatory and privacy frameworks into our technology. 

IOT in Retail Case Study - Gini & Jony - Nucleus Vision

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