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Facial recognition is a growing form of biometrics used to identify and authenticate persons in a wide range of industries. With the widespread usage and acceptance in immigration systems, and secured identity card systems, biometrics is now expanding into commercial applications (e.g. banking, retail etc.). 


Facial recognition can be used for various applications and scenarios such as:

  • Access control and attendance tracking for staff and visitors in different areas
  • Workstation/console login for more secured access
  • Customer authentication for transactions as a 2nd factor on different channels of financial institutions
  • Seamless online transaction experience using facial recognition for payment authentication
  • For safety reasons; monitoring for individuals on watch lists or tracking people who loiter on the premises
  • Fraud prevention 
  • Tailored advertising signage and marketing material using facial recognition to understand the age and gender of patrons

Commercial Applications Examples:


Roll-out of a facial recognition system at OCBC Bank’s Holland Village branch to identify Premier Banking customers. OCBC Bank is one of the first in Singapore’s banking sector to adopt such a system as part of its digital efforts to improve service excellence.

Retail Space

-  One of the UK’s largest high-street retailers having major problems with shrinkage, loosing multiple millions in London alone from theft has nationwide FRS deployment plan. Supplier - NEC. 


- Lemon Tree Hotels aims to use FRS for creating a positive experience for their customers. Supplier - NEC. 


Retail LP

One of the UK’s largest high-street retailers
 Have major problems with shrinkage, loosing multiple millions
in London alone from theft (Loss Prevention Team)
 A significant percentage of this theft comes from known offenders working
as part of highly organized gangs
 Trialed other vendors and found facial recognition was not
working for them (around 17% hit rate)

 Trialed NEC and saw the hit rate move to approximately 85%
 Currently in the process of rolling out to 25 stores in London,
with a nationwide deployment planned for Q4 2016.



Large Mall in Plovdiv Bulgaria
The system is used in co-operation with Police
to prevent theft.
 System is state of the art with Bosch cameras
set up in pairs on all main entrances.
 Dispatcher room uses video wall to display
 Solution is deployed and maintained by main
Integrator of NEC in Bulgaria.
 System was deployed in May 2016
 Mall owners plans to deploy solutions in
other sites across the region.

Facial recognition

  • Facial recognition is a biometric software application capable of uniquely identifying or verifying a person by comparing and analyzing patterns based on the person's facial contours

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